The Future of Digital Academic ERP for Higher Eductaion
Digital academic ERP by MySmartShala for higher education is set to transform learning experiences through innovative technologies and personalized approaches. It holds the potential to optimize processes, enhance collaboration, and empower institutions to stay at the forefront of educational excellence.

MySmartShala Unveils 5 Innovative Modules

Cutting-edge features that aim to revolutionize the way students learn and interact with educational content, and enhance the learning experience and help students achieve academic success.
Paperless Academics


Communication Platform

Discussion Forum
Online Quiz/Exam
Seamlessly Manage & Submit Documents with Secure Digital Signature
Embrace the future of document submission with our paperless platform. Seamlessly submit assignments, reports, and documents while reducing your environmental impact. With cutting-edge digital signature technology, your files are secure and accessible anytime, anywhere. Simplify your workflow, save time, and protect your data with our efficient, user-friendly solution.
Digital Evaluation

Our machine learning algorithms

Make evaluation easy.


Empower university/college faculties with seamless E-Sign capabilities

Report Access

Securely access cloud-stored reports anytime, anywhere

Go Green

Embrace sustainability: Our green initiatives combat paper waste

Learning Management System
A Learning Management System (LMS) is a transformative platform that redefines education and training. It provides a centralized hub for collaboration, resource access, and progress tracking. With its intuitive interface and robust features, an LMS streamlines content creation, assessment, and feedback. Whether in traditional or remote settings, institutions and businesses can leverage an LMS to enhance learning, achieve goals, and prepare learners for the digital era
Distinctive Attributes :
Tailored Learning
Individualized Learning
Customized Analysis
Tailored Digital Communication

E-Circulars in universities using MySmartShala introduces a streamlined and tailored approach to communication. Universities can create, manage, and distribute circulars seamlessly. This enables administrators to customize the content, target specific recipients, and track delivery and engagement metrics. By leveraging MySmartShala, universities have full control over the design, branding, and accessibility of their E-Circulars. This enhances communication efficiency, reduces reliance on external platforms, and promotes a cohesive and efficient flow of information within the university community..

Read Seen Report
Track message views with read receipts
Unlimited Messaging
Endless communication with unlimited messaging
Discussion Forum
A discussion forum for universities serves as a vibrant virtual hub where students, faculty, and staff can engage in intellectual discourse and collaborative learning. It provides a platform for sharing ideas, discussing course materials, and seeking clarifications. Within this forum, participants can actively participate in topic-specific discussions, ask questions, and provide insights on various academic subjects. It fosters a sense of community, enabling students to connect with their peers, seek guidance from instructors, and engage in meaningful academic conversations beyond the traditional classroom setting. The university discussion forum cultivates a rich learning environment that encourages critical thinking, knowledge sharing, and the exploration of diverse perspectives, contributing to a holistic educational experience..
Seek clarification.
Individual Recognition
Get the opinion from students or teachers
Showcase the dept of knowledge
helping peers in a discussion
Online Quiz/Exam with Assessment
Online quizzes and exams with assessment provide a convenient and efficient way to evaluate knowledge and understanding. Through MySmartShala, students can participate in quizzes and exams remotely, eliminating geographical barriers and allowing for flexible scheduling. These online assessments often feature a variety of question formats, including multiple-choice and interactive question types, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation. The automated assessment process generates instant results, providing immediate feedback to students and allowing instructors to track progress effectively. Online quizzes and exams with assessment not only save time and resources but also enhance the learning experience by promoting active engagement and enabling personalized feedback for individual learners..
Advantages of Quiz :
Efficiency and Time-Saving
Get Instant Results
Numerous customizable features tailored to university needs


with benefits

All-inclusive features catering to students, colleges, and universities at MySmartshala
Cost Effectiveness
Slash annual printing costs by up to Rs 1000 with paperless academic reports
Seamless access to digital documents on-the-go
Digital discussion
Participate, Assist and get clarified
Stay informed with real-time updates.
Embrace transparency with integrity using messenger
Time-saving efficiency with streamlined deadlines and document management.
Preserves 500+ trees annually through digital adoption
Showcase your achievements with an e-portfolio
Seamless interface
Effortless navigation with a seamless interface
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